ZkSync 2.0—How to Bridge ETH Goerly to Zksync


zkSync 2.0 is the first EVM-compatible ZK Rollup on Ethereum’s testnet. We have covered zkSync 1.0 Mainnet along with other ZK rollups like Aztec and StarkNet before.

zkSync 2.0 have just launched their public testnet. Let’s see what we can do there.

Getting started:

As the testnet is running on Goerli network, you will need to to get some Goerli ETH first. Try any of the faucets below.

Skip step 2 if you can’t get any Goerli ETH.

Step 1:

Head to https://portal.zksync.io/ and connect your wallet. You will automatically be asked to add the “zkSync 2.0 testnet Goerli” network.

You may also add the network manually to your metamask.

Step 2: (Skip if you don’t have Goerli ETH.)

We first go to “Bridge” then “Deposit” to deposit some $ETH to zkSync 2.0.

Step 3:

Next we go to “Faucet” to get some testnet $LINK, $DAI, $WBTC and $USDC into our zkSync address.

Check your balance at “Balances” after claiming.

Step 4:

Now go to “Transfer”. Input the address of another wallet and transfer some tokens to it. Pay the fees in DAI if you don’t have ETH.

Step 5:

At last we go to “Withdraw” to withdraw some $DAI from zkSync back to Goerli. Pay the fees in DAI if you don’t have ETH.

We can also try swapping, LPing and farming at Mute currently live on zkSync 2.0 Testnet.


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