Potential Airdrop : Claim ICNS with Keplr Tutorial


What is ICNS ?

These identities need a name that can travel. ICNS provides the framework for interchain accounts to mint their own opt-in passports: legible, permissionless, decentrally verified identifying marks that make it easy to build a composable identity capable of moving seamlessly between chains.

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Potential Airdrop ?

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Preparing for the Registration

  1. If you don’t have a wallet account on Keplr or Cosmostation, please create one.

2. Fund your wallet. You need to have enough OSMO to pay the registration fee (0.5 OSMO) and transaction fees. Considering transaction fees, we recommend having at least 1 OSMO on your account.

3. Create a Twitter account, if you don’t have one. Remember, your Twitter handle will be your ICNS name, with suffixes attached to represent different chain-level domains.

For example, if your Twitter username is @dogemos, then your ICNS will also be ‘dogemos’, and your name resolution will be dogemos.osmo for Osmosis, dogemos.cosmos for Cosmos Hub, and dogemos.juno for Juno, etc. You will be asked to verify your Twitter account during the process, so please have the account you want to claim logged in until you complete the registration.

In this guide, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to claim ICNS with Keplr.

Step 1. Visit ICNS App.

Head to the website or https://s.id/1tdyw and click on “CLAIM NOW”.

Step 2. Connect Your Keplr Wallet.

Make sure that you have selected the correct account to link to your ICNS name in the wallet.

In the pop-up, choose Keplr. Currently, ICNS supports registration using Keplr, but support for more wallets is coming soon.

Step 3. Verify Your Twitter Account.

Click on “Authorize App” to proceed. This grants permission for ICNS to verify ownership of your Twitter handle. Once verified, ICNS oracles will relay their respective verification to the ICNS Registrar Contract.

Notice: Your Twitter handle will be your ICNS name that is attached to the suffixes that represent different chain-level domains. (In the example above, “testkeplr” will be your ICNS, and your name resolution will be testkeplr.osmo for Osmosis, testkeplr.cosmos for Cosmos, testkeplr.juno for Juno, and so on.) So please double-check that you are logged into the correct account.

Step 4. Chain Opt-In & Out.

From the Chain List, please select the chains to link to ICNS. Search the names of the chains and click on the checkbox to easily opt in and out of the service.

You will be able to add chains after the minting process on the webapp as well. (Removing linked chains is currently not supported, but will be supported in the future.)

Once selected, click on “REGISTER”.

Review the information on the Final Checks modal. If everything is correct, click on “REGISTER”.

Then the request pop-up will appear. Click on “Approve” to proceed.

Step 5. Pay the Fees, Then You Are All Set!

In the pop-up, choose to pay between [Low], [Average], or [High] fees (numbers above are screen-captured while testing the app on the Osmosis Testnet, so the real values will vary), which can determine the order of processing of your transaction. Please note that to successfully complete the process, you must have enough OSMO in your [Available Balance] to cover the registration fee (0.5 OSMO) plus transaction fees.

You can find your Available Balance info in your browser extension:

After selecting the fee option, click on “Approve”!

Step 6. Congrats! You’ve got your ICNS name!

Your ICNS is now live. Congratulations and wait next update !


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