LI.FI Potential Airdrop Strategy with (by LIFI)


The announcement was made 3 days ago and this is very huge, the total raised is $23M Their token $LZRD is deployed on Github and seems ready to drop at any moment:

Their token $LZRD is already deployed on their Github , airdrop may come very soon, The announcement was made 3 days ago and this is very huge, the total raised is $23M.

Learn & Mint NFT Credential “LI.FI Why Multi-Chain, Why now” (Strategy 1)

The crypto industry has evolved rapidly since 2021 (when LI.FI launched), with the multi-chain thesis becoming increasingly evident in real-time. Read our research article to Understand Crypto’s Multi-Chain Reality & complete all requirements to claim this credential.

You need to follow this instructions below :

  1. Go / head to this pages
  2. Connect Your ETH / ETHEREUM Network Wallet
  3. Fill your Information or Login to your account

4. Complete All the Social Task and Pass The Quiz

Here is the Quiz Answer :

1. True

2. 96.06%

3. 59%

4. False

5. False

6. 6%

7. False

8. Ethereum and Bitcoin

9. BNB Chain and Polygon

10. EVM compatibility

11. False

12. Ethereum Virtual Machine

13. All of the above

14. $29.17B

15. False

16. True

17. Non of the above

18. BNB Chain

19. Polygon

20. Polygon

21. Avalanche

22. True

23. Arbitrum

24. True

25. True

26. False

27. True

28. True

29. 56

30. Solana

31. True

32. All of the above

33. True

5. Enter Verification Code / Ze Code ‘973946361946402’ if the code is invalid you need to find new ze code on their discord , see #Ze Code server.

6. Complete the Captcha & Mint Your NFT on Polygon Network

All done , you can see the credential NFT on your wallet and , you dont need to do anything with this NFT just HOLD it and wait a good news.

Make a Transaction on Jumper.Exchange (Strategy 2)

  • Go to ( Connect Wallet )
  • Swap ETH from Arbitrum to Optimism
  • Swap back to Arbitrum
  • Or you can try swapping or brideing another asset and make a good

Make a Transaction on Satin (Strategy 3)

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