Introducing the Masa Green SBT


Masa Green SBT is the Onchain Bot Killer

Masa Green is a way to verify the authenticity of your wallet, and help us confirm that you’re not a bot. This is done by completing a simple captcha and 2-factor authentication process, via text message to your cell phone. Masa protocol soulbound-tokenizes your “verified status” into a reusable Masa Green SBT. Expect to use Masa Green SBT to unlock more perks, benefits and utilities from Masa and Masa Partners soon.

Masa Green is Multi-chain

To help combat high-gas fees, and ensure Masa Green is cost-effective for users globally, we’ve deployed Masa Green SBT on four different blockchains:

How to Invite Friends & Earn Tokens

  1. Visit: Select “1,000,000 $MASA Token Referral Program”

2. Connect your wallet. Verify your wallet through minting a Masa Green SBT on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC or Celo blockchains.

3. Review Program terms. Input your name, email and agree to the Terms & Conditions

4. Click “Generate Referral Link.” You can use your referral link to invite friends across any messaging or social platform. Simply copy and paste to your preferred channel, or use the social sharing buttons on the app.

5. Once your friend successfully registers and verifies, you will earn $MASA tokens. The more successful referrals, the more $MASA tokens you earn. Enjoy!


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