How to Get OG3 role ? on TiTi Testnet Airdrop


What is TiTi Protocol?

TiTi Protocol is a multi-asset reserve stablecoin based on decentralized Monopoly Auto Market Maker mechanism. TiTi Protocol aims to bring a new type of elastic supply decentralized stablecoin solution to DeFi and Web3 that incorporates the Multi-Assets-Reserve mechanism.

@TiTiProtocol #airdrop Confirmed NOTE this testnet will come to an end on 3rd of January 2023!

Before following this step, you should read the steps to get ROLE OG1 AND OG2 below :

✔️How to Get OG3 role by joining testnet?

Step 1: you need to click this link

Now that you already switch to Goerli Network what you have to do next is to add {Mock-USDC,TiUSD,TiTi} token contact before you request for test token this is where to locate token contracts 👇

Now that you are with your token contact addresses, what you have to do next is to import all the three tokens on metamask to do this.

Step 2: Now you need to request for test token

Step 3: Now that you have the two-Test Token you needed

  • what next is to perform the testnet first?
  • go to MMF and click approve then authorize

Step 4: stake 500 mUSDC then confirm the transaction

Step 5: then withdraw 300 out of staked mUSDC

Step 6: Go to SWAP & Swap 500 USDC to TiUSD

Next step is to go to swap and click approve then confirm in your wallet before you can perform any transaction After swap.

Step 7: Next, go to LPmining

Click approve then confirm in your wallet before you can perform any transaction, click on (Add Liquidity in Uniswap-V2) and it will take you to Uniswap.

Step 8: What to do on Uniswap?

On Uniswap connect to metamask with Goerli Network then go to SWAP Mneu and swap all your tiUSD to TiTi, approve / confirm transaction on wallet.

Step 9: Back to TiTi Staking Pages

IMPORTANT : since the requirement for OG3 is that you must hold 50 TiTi in your wallet now go back to the TiTi protocol platform then to TiTi staking stake minimum TiTi you have to earn more with this you will be able to accumulate 50 TiTi needed to claim OG3 stake everything here.

If you check the picture above you will notice that I staked 40 TiTi since and there is no increment and I needed 50 TiTi to claim my OG3 my advice for you is that you should still leave this TiTi staked since you can still Claim another 1000 mUSDC after 24h.

SECOND DAY just visit TiTi platform again and click on Testnet 2.0 then claim 1000 mock-USDC and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

STEP 10: Swap 1000 mUSDC to TiUSD.

Now that you already claim another 1000 mUSDC now follow the step below to claim swap your mUSDC to TiTi.


By now you should have what it takes to secure OG3 which is 50 TiTi just unstake all the staked TiTi before you claim OG3 role.

Claim your OG3 role in discord by holding Testnet TiTi Token>50 , verify with colland robot in discord channel

Remember it will take you complete a day to untake your TiTi if you stake any and before you can claim discord role you must have minimum of 50 TiTi in your wallet which is not staked This is role you will get.

All the requirements in this airdrop have been completed congratulations, I hope you get it and be lucky to be the winner.


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