Havah Incentivized Testnet is live


HAVAH are preparing for the next revolutionary step towards that future, where NFTs have no limit, made possible by interchain protocols. HAVAH proudly presents the next evolution of the digital asset ecosystem, a limitless playground for the future of NFTs.

See HAVAH Roadmap :

HAVAH is currently preparing to release many different places where you can use your NFTs including social media features, games, trading, and finances.

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Preparations before test :

Download Havah Wallet https://s.id/1tjM7

  • Open Havah Extention and Click Get Started
  • Create New Wallet > Save / Backup Your Phrase
  • Change Network to the TESTNET NETWORK

Step by Step to Complete the Test :

  1. Go to Havah Testnet Website or https://s.id/1tjKI / https://s.id/1tjKI

2. Click Connect and Choose Account to Connect

3. Scrool Down the Pages ‘Connect Wallet’

4. Sign up on https://havah.io/?PageName=signup & Verify

5. Enter Your Email on the box then Click ‘VERIFY’

Enter your email to verify your HAVAH account.
If you do not have an account yet, please click Sign Up button and register first.

6. Claim testnet HVH

Switch to testnet and claim your testnet HVH tokens.
Please change the network directly to HAVAH Chain Testnet from the top right of your HAVAH wallet.

7. Mint testnet NFT

Mint your testnet NFT to be eligible for bridging.
Please check if you have changed HAVAH wallet’s network to the testnet.

8. Click Allow / Approve on Havah Wallet

9. Bridge My NFT on https://mitter.vega.havah.io/bridge/nft

This task is to bridge your minted NFT to another network.
Please refer to the following process.

  1. Select Source chain ‘HAVAH’
  2. Connect HAVAH wallet
  3. Select your test NFT
  4. Select Destination chain
  5. Connect Destination chain’s wallet
  6. Proceed with the transaction


  • Click ‘Select Source chain’ & Choose Havah Network
  • Then Connect with Havah Wallet
  • Click ‘Select your NFTs’ & Choose the NFTs
  • Now ‘Select Destinations chain’ & Click ‘Connect Wallet’
  • Then Input your address on the box (no need to connect) & Save
  • Click ‘Next’ And then Confirm > Send
  • Then ‘Click Allow’ on your havah wallet 2x transactions
  • You will see ‘transaction complete’ like in the picture below

10. Confirm Your Participation

Your participation for HAVAH Incentivized Testnet is complete.

All done Congratulations , you will see your Referral link :


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