Guide Taiko Alpha Testnet — Potential Airdrop


What is Taiko ?

Taiko scales Ethereum in a manner that emulates Ethereum as closely as possible — both technically and non-technically. More specifically, Taiko is an Ethereum-equivalent ZK-Rollup, scaling Ethereum by supporting all EVM opcodes in a layer-2 architecture that is decentralized, permissionless, and secure.

How it works ?

Blocks in the Taiko L2 blockchain consist of collections of transactions that are executed sequentially. New blocks can be appended to the chain to update its state, which can be calculated by following the protocol rules for the execution of the transactions.


How To Interact To Be Eligible For Future Rewards!

> Preparations

STEP 1: Add Ethereum A1 & Taiko A1 Network
Copy & Paste This In Their Respective Sections in Your Metamask, Then Click Save.

Ethereum A1 RPC :

Taiko A1 RPC :

STEP 2: Claim Faucet Ethereum A1 & Taiko A1 Network

Visit the Both Website >> Click “Make A Tweet“ >> Then replace the (0x0’s) on the Tweet with your wallet address & Make the tweet >> Copy tweet link & Paste in the Empty Box >> Then click “Give Me Ether” & Select How Many You Want >> Done Check your wallet now.

>> How to start testing

Step 1: visit website /

  • Connect ETHEREUM A1 Network
  • Switch Token To HORSE & Click “Faucet”
  • Then Click Mint, Confirm Transaction In MetaMask

You Should Get A Success Message & 1000 $HORSE Should Be Available In Your Wallet

Step 2: Bridge Ethereum A1 to Taiko A1

  • Set Amount Of $HORSE or $ETH
  • Click Approve, Then Confirm Transaction In MetaMask
  • Next Click On Bridge & Approve Transaction In MetaMask

STEP 3: Claim Pending token bridges

  • Open “Transactions” menu
  • Click CLAIM , Then Approve Transaction In MetaMask
  • You will see “Claimed” = Mean DONE ✅

STEP 4: Bridge Back (Taiko A1 to Ethereum A1)

  • Switch From ETH — Taiko A1 to Taiko A1 to Ethereum A1
  • Click On The Arrow To Switch Network
  • Procedures Are Same ( see step 2 & 3 above )

STEP 5: IMPORTANT ! Submit A FeedBack

Be Sure To Interact To Before January 31st 23:59 UTC, To Be Eligible To Mint A POAP

All the requirements in this airdrop have been completed congratulations, I hope you get it and be lucky to be the winner.


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