Guide: Supra Oracles Whitelist Airdrop — Free 1,500 $SUPRA tokens


SupraOracles is a decentralized oracle solution designed for a multi-chain world. Optimized for consumer and enterprise scale, SupraOracles offers near-instant data availability between Web2 and Web3, limiting the security and arbitrage opportunities that currently limit most oracle networks. $SUPRA tokens is the native token of the SupraOracles oracle solution.

Countdown to Blast Off?

Join come out of stealth mode with tons of exciting alpha and prizes for you. Just complete the steps below and you will earn a total of 25 Stars and 500 $SUPRA tokens.

How can i join Countdown to Blast Off

You can join Countdown to Blast Off by simply signing up and completing a quick orientation where we’ll give you a guided tour of how you can participate and win different prizes. That’s about it!

Please note: A short KYC verification is also a part of this process.

Reward Get 1500 $SUPRA tokens and early bird bonus on an upcoming campaign. For All participants thoose who Complete KYC Verifications.

How to participate :

Step 1. Go to or

Alternative link : Click here (if the link above is broken)

Step 2. Click “Get Started” then Sign Up

Step 3. Enter your Email & Password then click “Continue”

Step 4. Check Email to Verify your Email, Click “VERIFY EMAIL”

Step 5. Click “Start KYC” to complete your registrations

  • Click “Choose document”
  • Choose your Country and Identity Card
  • Upload Front and Back your Identity Card
  • Take a Selfie Submit all your document

Step 6. Go back to Blast Off Pages

  • Click “Lets Go” and Click “Next”

Step 7. Scrool down then “Enter Now” then “Continue”

Note: do the same thing by clicking “Let’s Go” then “Next” and do the task given then click “Continue” on the task below.

Step 8. on the task “Start Your First Mission” Click “Start Mission”

  • Click “Next” then then click start mission on mission 1 and mission 2

Answer questions from missions 1 and 2 and the answers are below

  1. What do blockchain smart contracts need oracles for?
    Answer: D. All of the above
  2. Which of the following is NOT true about xxxxxxx oracles?
    Answer : D: It’s performance is at par with other oracles

Step 9. Go back to Blast Off Pages

Note: do the same thing by clicking “Let’s Go” then “Next” and do the task given then click “Continue” on the task below.

Step XX ?? All done , Congratulations you will get 1,500 $SUPRA token after your KYC is Approved its may take arround 10–30 minutes to complete.

What is the value of $SUPRA tokens?

Who knows! The only thing we do know is that there is a limited supply of $SUPRA and it’ll be necessary to stake to run a node on the Supra Network. Also, transaction fees for Oracles, VRF, and other services can be paid using the $SUPRA token. Value is in the eye of the beholder. We cannot and do not claim $SUPRA tokens are worth anything.

Full $SUPRA Tokenomic details :


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