GagaNode by Meson Network Reward Get 10 $GAGA tokens (PHONE)


What is GaGanode ?

GaGaNode, the Next generation Decentralized Residential IP + Bandwidth marketplace, aims to alleviate the global shortage of IPv4 addresses with Web3.0 technology.

GaGaNode is developed for helping users to master idle home bandwidth resources independently. Users can participate in Web3 network through Idle Electronics at home without public network IP. GaGaNode encourages everyone to reduce investment in new mining equipment and install GaGaNode on any Idle Electronics such as Raspberry Pi, Android phone, Arm SBC, TV Box, Xbox, Playstation and other electronic devices through software porting as much as possible.

Credit can be exchange tokens to USD with thirdparties on @mesonnetwork or (rate IDK)

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Here is Guide How to Earn $GAGA :

Step 1 : Register on or

  • Enter your email and password
  • Input Captcha then verify your Email
  • Click “Register”
  • Done , go to next step

Step 2: Instalation For Node Mining

  • Click ‘☰’ Menu
  • Click ‘Install & Run’ Menu
  • Copy your own ‘Token’

Step 3: Download App 👉 & Install

  • The minimum recommended version is Android 4.
  • Enable Auto-starting GaGaNode APP in Android.
  • Input You Token, Click Start Mining.
  • You will see ‘:ming started successfully!’
  • Enable Autostart.

Step 4: How to Check and see your Mining Reward?

  • Click ‘☰’ Menu & Click ‘Nodes'
  • See and Make sure your Node is Online “ON” ✅
  • All done you can leave the pages and apps ✔️

All the requirements in this airdrop have been completed congratulations, I hope you get it and be lucky to get more GaGa.

Mining Reward

Node will be rewarded with gaga credit every round which takes about 10–30 minutes. The reward amount differs among various countries.

Reward is higher for nodes that have residential ip then nodes that have datacenter ip.

Please check miningrulesopen in new window for details.

Node’s location belongs to default if not specified

How to Transfer $GAGA token?

Click Balance, and check out the Transfer Record.

Click Transfer gaga credit, and perform Credit Transfer operations.

Please check Balanceopen in new window for details.


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